We work in cross-functional teams throughout a project’s development phases.
The mechanical engineering specialists work collaboratively throughout all stages of development.
- Mechanical engineering/product construction 3D/CAD & photorealistic imaging
- Analysis
- Material Knowledge
- Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
- Prototyping

We were approached by a company to design hooks for a conveyor belt system in an assembly operation. They were using cut of wire coat hangers bent into shape from which they suspended plastic bags for packing items into prior to final dispatch. The company found that the bent hooks were not safe for the operators and they also kept falling of the conveyor system when they were being used in the packing operations.

We designed the product, so that the moulded end could not come off the conveyor belt system and made sure that all sharp edges were removed when the product was manufactured. All parts involved in the manufacture of the ‘Mother Hook’ were designed and manufactured within the company.

We met the customer’s expectations, we have a cost reduced product as well as a safer product. This was another great solution from Penatube Ltd.

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