This company approached us following a recommendation to work alongside them in designing a modern looking consol panel for their new range of automotive test equipment. Their designers produced initial designs in 3D and with our assistance we modified the design to enable the product to be manufactured easier. The finished product is machined using CNC machines out of a solid sheet of plastic. The CNC program is derived directly from the 3D model, so there are no design errors in translating from design through to production.

We were approached by a company to produce an enclosure for use in aircraft to provide power for on board patient electronic diagnostic kits. They had been working with another company but after many months of dialogue, they were unhappy with the arrangement and the inability to produce viable proto-types. They were recommended to us from an existing long term customer who we have provided many custom solutions for over the past 10 years.

With the company we formed a development team through which we went through 2D cad designs prior to committing to an initial proto-type. After the development period and numerous design changes to accommodate the electronics, switch mechanisms and batteries we came up with a final design. Due to the low volume, the production run is done with vacuum formed moulding for the case and lid which are then CNC machined.

Bin Dividers are created for an an existing customer, Sovereign Lift Trucks who we had custom made parts to aid their maintenance and repair operations. Excel Logistics were seeking a solution for their warehouse to enable bar codes to be easily displayed between sections of garments on coat hangers.
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Saft Saft are a long established customer of ours, and approached us to design a replacement for a steel battery case. The design had to be able to withstand extreme ranges of temperature, drop testing from 3 metres and not fall apart under long term vibrations. The two design teams worked in partnership for in excess of a year, to come up with initial proto-types for testing. Following six months of field trials, some minor modification were made to the design prior to production tooling being committed to and full production commencing.
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