Bin Divider is designed and developed by Penatube Ltd. It has been specially designed for managing hanging garments in your warehouses. The Sovereign hanging Bin Divider enables bar codes and other necessary information to be easily displayed between sections of garments or any other stock. This helps identifying them quickly and assist you to efficiently store, saving time and reducing labour cost.

The Sovereign Hanging Garment Bin Divider could be typically used for Garment Segregation, Gender Control, unique product code identification, size and, bar code location finder, and even as a simple Information Hanger.


The Soverign Hanging Garment Bin Divider is available in four prime colours, Red, Blue, Green and yellow. Although, if the order is in significant quantity, your choice of colour could also be added.


Our Sovereign Hanging Garment Bin Divider is very Flexible.

You bend the hook, to fit into the rack which also helps it to remain securely in place. Bin Divider is very flexible and is specially designed for warehouse use. Once in place, Bin Divider becomes unhookable untill the hook top is bent to take off the rack. So, there is no danger of falling of the Bin Divider from the rack when passing by.

The Bin Divider is specially designed for warehouse and stock control environments. The Bin Divider comes in four bright colours for clear visibility which enables segregation of Garments and Stock into separate areas for control.

The label area on the the Bin Divider is large enough (75mm x 95mm) for a wide variety of labels to be fixed to both sides. These labels can be standard bar code labels or any other type of labels used for clear identification of the garments and stock.

Bin Divider is also known as Garment Segregation, Gender Control, Code Hanging, Label Hanging, Bar Code Display Hanger, Information Hanger and offcurse Bin Divider.

Plasmold Plastics ( Penatube ltd ) is the manufacturer of Bin Divider.