The Plastic Injection Moulder in
Essex and Greater London

Design and manufacture of
plastic moulded products and components
using our wide range of
plastic injection moulding machines :

+ Quality products at affordable prices
+ Design & Development of New Moulded Products
+ ISO9001-2008 Certification
+ Injection Moulding
+ Thermoplastic Moulding

As of Aug 2019 Penatube Ltd was acquired by Plasmold Plastics Ltd

We specialise in the design and manufacture of Plastic Injection Moulding Products from initial design to implementation. Penatube Ltd is an ISO9000 certified company with over 45 years of experience in a diverse range of industries and services.

Our client base for Plastic Moulded Products is very diverse and the manufacturing sectors we operate in are Defence, Medical, Warehousing, Educational and Electronic. We are the premier plastic moulder in Essex and Greater London.

Our plastic injection moulding facilities are located in Dunow, Essex - very close to London, M25 & Stanstead Airport


1mPenatube handles your query from initial design through to implementation. Your only resource for creative design of plastic and mechanical products.

We have a wide range of Plastic Moulding machines and use a diverse selection of thermoplastic materials. We also machine all types of plastic, including peek.

We are the first choice for Plastic Moulding in the East End of London

Plastic Moulded Products
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