Bin Divider Large

Large Bin Divider

The Large Bin Divider was designed, copyrighted and manufactured by Penatube Ltd.

The Large Bin Divider is used in numerous warehouses in Europe, Asia pacific and UAE.

The Large Bin Divider has a Label Area of 18cm Long by 13cm Wide - thus enabling large and clear identification labels to be used for garment segmentation.

The Code Area can have bar code labels on them together with other identification codes for ease of use by the operators. All of this is designed to make stock recording and garment division an easier task to manage within a complex environment.

Fixed Bin Divider

This is a NEW Product designed in 2011.

It is used in stock control, retail stores and warehouses.

When a BIN dividers is required to provide identification above the rail and be fixed in position, this is the ideal soloution.

With a label area of 115mm wide this provides clear and easy bar code label identification for most requirements.

The bright colours make the Fixed Bin Divider a very visible solution when the labeling is not required to be moved. Fixing to the rail is very easily done by using two self tapping screws to clamp the Fixed Bin Divider to the garment Rail.

Bin Dividers

This is the traditional Bin Divider we designed and manufacture in a range of colours as required.




These are used in retail, back office storage in shops and large warehouses.

The Bin Divider is the ideal product for garment control, idenbtification and segmenation

Eucational Products

Penatube designs and manufactures an exstensive range of Plastic Gears, Plastic Pulleys, Plastic Chains, Clearbox Motors and Plastic Tubing all focussed on Design & Technology (KS2, KS3, KS4) in the educational market.

The plastic gears, plastic pulleys, plastic chains, plastic racks and plastic tubing are listed on our Toys For Teaching website at

For bulk orders from the Toys for Teaching website contact penatube by e-mail.

Bin Dividers

The Bin Dividesr are designed and manufactured by Penatube Ltd.

All our Bin Divider Products and their intellectual property are protected by Registered Design Rights in numerous countries.

The Bin Divider is used in numerous warehouses across Europe; for example DHL Excel Logistics for Marks & Spencer

The Bin Divider enables bar code labels to be fixed to the product such that they are visible past the garment.

Thus enabling stock recording and garment division an easier task to manage.

The NEW Fixed Bin Divider is another inovative design to add to our prodcut range.

The NEW Fixed Bin Divider is available in a choice of colours as our other products.


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